(What’s) driving Bettyann

To the Editor,

I like driving Independents and Democrats and around “doing doors” as we call it, winding through the tucked away neighborhoods in New Gloucester, Durham, Auburn and Poland, watching from the comfort of my car as the candidate approaches a home, and takes the salient issues of the day, straight on.

Here is not only where the rubber meets the road, but where politics meets the real, every-day lives of neighbors and where the real talk begins about the actual problems, fears and possibilities facing us. 

The issues are many: The state of the environment, economics, (including meaningful support of workers and families) public health and safety – and specific to Bettyann Sheat’s campaign for Maine Senate: transportation, broadband, veterans affairs, reproductive rights. And of course, there is always democracy itself and attempts to undermine it.

Bettyann’s approach, at the doors as well as in practice is, and will be when she is elected, to “Truly listen to people, not try to work an agenda, and focus on problem solving.”

Given her opponent’s apparent anti-establishment agenda of constrained government and a vague focus on “freedoms,”  it will be refreshing when Bettyann Sheats arrives at your door with a positive, solution-focused attitude and attention to the best that our Maine government can offer.

Please vote for Bettyann Sheats for State Senate.

Doug Smith, New Gloucester

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