About Us

Send questions, suggestions, comments, and general inquiries by email to editor@ngxchange.org.

To submit events, articles, opinions, and photos or videos, please go to Submissions under About NGX.

We welcome volunteers, whether behind the scenes or writing about a topic or activity you’re involved with or care about. Join us!

News Center Maine’s nightly show “207” ran a story about NGXchange on May 20, 2020, covering its beginnings, its redesign, and its importance as a source of information for New Gloucester. Check it out here.

Members of the NGX Core Team:

  • Beth Blakeman-Pohl
  • Fred Brusseau, designer and photo editor
  • Joanne Cole, co-editor
  • Caitlyn Davison
  • Julie Fralich
  • Anne Gauthier Maurice
  • Don Richardson
  • Diane Salisbury, co-editor
  • Debra Smith, managing editor