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What we publish
We publish volunteer-written and –submitted material of local interest, including news stories, events, opinion pieces, essays, photos and videos, long-form articles, and more. All of these are vetted by our editors in accordance with our values and guidelines.

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Our editorial values and standards
Our editors make the final determination about what content to publish.  We reserve the right to decline or modify content in accordance with our values and guidelines and to ensure that a variety of views and voices are represented. We may also edit for length, clarity, and accuracy.

We are neighbors. Content must meet standards not only of relevance, but of respect, fairness, civility, and honesty. Content deemed inappropriate includes, but is not limited to

  • violation of others’ intellectual property rights or privacy rights
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  • abusive, harassing, defamatory, or unlawful content
  • profanity, obscenity, or false or misleading information
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  • material that does not qualify as by, for, or about New Gloucester

As an entirely volunteer-driven undertaking, we do our best to ensure the fairness, accuracy, and appropriateness of what we publish, but we are not responsible for erroneous, inaccurate, or incomplete information, nor are we responsible for site visitors’ use of material published here.

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