Vote for change on June 8th

|Letter to the Editor from Brian Whitney|

The opportunity to have three new members on the board of selectmen is here right now. There are many reasons that we need to vote for change in our governing body.

Here are just a few examples of why we need change:

1) In 2017, the citizens of New Gloucester voted for term limits 60% to 40%. The select board invalidated the ordinance. The voters CLEARLY stated their views. Although term limits are only valid with a town charter, the select board CLEARLY ignored the wish of the voters. One of those board members is running for re-election and has already exceeded the term limits that the voters want.

2) During a March 2020 board meeting, the board chair person banned public comment on the library budget during the (supposedly) public comment part of the meeting. That same board member is the same member that is ignoring the term limit vote and running for re-election.

3) Most of the current board CLEARLY ignored the will of the voters twice in 2020 which caused the town library to close and two very dedicated long term employees lost their jobs permanently. One of those employees was not even re-hired when applying to get their job back. Where did our tax dollars go while the library was closed and no one was on payroll?

4) Most of the current board members knowingly broke state law by not appointing the new charter members within the specified time.
When they finally did appoint the members they chose past and present board members, two of whom were against the charter from the beginning, and the same two who ignored the citizens wishes to have term limits. There is clearly a hidden agenda here.

5) The town has not been able to hold on to a good town manager for quite a few years now. The town manager is governed by the select board. That speaks for itself.

It is time to have a select board that will listen to and respect the wishes of New Gloucester citizens. The opportunity for a much needed change is here right now!

Please vote for change on June 8!
Absentee ballots are also available at the town office.

Brian Whitney
New Gloucester

NOTE: This letter was updated. on 5.7.21

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