Voicing support for the library

| Kristin Daigle |

Dear Editor of the NG Exchange,

I am writing to voice my support of keeping the Assistant Librarian position at the New Gloucester Library. A library is an important part of our town and it takes more than one person to run a library. As it has been written before by others, a library is a vital part of a community. It is not just a place to take out books. It’s a gathering place for the community — adults and children.

When I first moved to town, it was the library I went to before my internet was set up. Recently, I attended the newly formed cribbage group. This is just one activity Sue and Carla oversee in addition to the many other activities offered by the library. I’ve seen the story-time pictures with the young children with big smiles on their faces.

My understanding is that the library cost is just 2-3% of the budget. I hope that there will be further discussions to find a way to keep the Assistant Librarian position. Thank you.

Kristin Daigle
New Gloucester