Update on fundraising from “Save the Opportunity Farm View” group

NGX eds: Residents and interested friends have formed a group on Facebook called “Save the Opportunity Farm View” with the goal of purchasing and preserving the fields across from the former Opportunity Farm at the top of Gloucester Hill Road.  Below is an Oct. 11 post from the group’s Facebook page.

| by Cheryl Trafford, Save the Opportunity Farm View |

We are ready to collect donations!

An account has been set up at Cumberland county credit union in Gray, under the name “Save the Opportunity Farm View” anyone can make a deposit. Checks only, can also be sent to 3 Estes Rd, New Gloucester 04260. A go fund me page, and buckets at local businesses are in the works.

We strongly encourage check donations, made out to “Save the Opportunity Farm view”. Committee members may collect checks made out this way. We won’t accept checks made out to individual committee members. The go fund me page, when set up will accept credit cards. This is a little different than a normal fundraiser where any money collected goes to a cause. In our case, because it is a land deal, there’s always a chance it could fall through. In the case this happens, money will be returned to the donor. If cash is involved, whether someone deposits cash into the credit union savings account, or puts cash in one of the donation buckets, that money would be given as a donation to a local land trust, as we have no way of tracking who gave it.

Cash buckets will be collected, counted and deposited by 2 committee members. The account at the CU, has 3 committee members names on it. We have taken all precautionary measures to keep your donation secure. We expect this to be a success! Many outside sources have been contacted and we believe we will be seeing some large donations coming in. A land trust and land offer is in the works. There’s still a lot to do. Please consider helping however you can. We are also are in the process of having flyers printed to be distributed around town.

Once houses are built on the hill, it will never be the same! Let’s stop this from ever happening! Please share this post.

If anyone would like to help or have questions feel free to contact myself, Cheryl Trafford 240-2930 call or text, or any other committee members.

Save the Opportunity Farm View Committee members:
David Trafford, chair
Mike Thompson, co-chair
Cheryl Trafford, secretary
Cheryl Bailey Haas, treasurer 
Leah Chamberlin Gagne, realtor

Active members:
Rick Haas 
Neil Wallace
Robin and Steve Googins
Hannah Beem Blackburn