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Hi Everyone,

    Happy first day of Autumn.  It is a beautiful day out there! Still warm enough to be grilling, and cool enough for some chowder. Here is what came in today and also what we have scheduled for Friday.
Fresh Haddock 7.99 LB
Fresh Chowder Haddock 3.99 LB!!!!
Dry Sea Scallops 19.99 LB
Fresh Swordfish 12.99 LB
Mussels 3.29 LB
Organic Salmon 12.99 LB
Fresh Crab Meat 11.99 8oz
Tuna will be in Friday
Mako will be in Friday
** We wanted to make you aware, that we have changed where we purchase our shrimp. You may have heard about Human trafficking and Slavery tied to the asian shrimp industry in the news. Its awful. Here is the link if you would like to educated yourself
After we read this article, Pam and I both agreed we could not support this industry until proven that the slavery and torture stopped.
What does this mean for you:  We have found a few new choices most of them are gulf shrimp. This will make our shrimp a little more expensive then it was, but we feel that its really a no brainer. We are also making sure our Calamari and any other frozen seafood are to the best of our ability fished without the use of slaves. 
We urge you to think when you are ordering seafood out at restaurants, or buying at other locations. Cheaper often comes at a price and this is very costly to many. 
See you soon,
Steph and Pam

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