Government Spotlight

Two clarifications from the town manager

NGX asked Town Manager Brenda Fox-Howard for clarification on two issues: the hiring of library staff, and community members’ concerns regarding George Colby’s comments at the December 3rd select board meeting. Here are her responses via email.

Library staff
Q: What is the process for hiring new library staff, and what is the reason for having to go through a hiring process vs. rehiring previous staff?

A:  Library staff are not subject to recall as there is no union or other contract of employment. Both staff were terminated due to lack of funding appropriation and paid in full upon termination. One employee has already sent me a letter stating that she will not be interested in reapplying and has retired.  They were both eligible for retirement so I am not certain of the intentions of the other former employee and I believe that will show itself when the process begins. The positions are going to be advertised, candidates selected for interviews and then hiring. The interview process will be conducted by a panel of (4) people, I will be one of them.

December 3rd select board meeting
Q: Why was the video of the December 3rd select board meeting edited and is there a plan for addressing community members’ concerns about George Colby’s racist comments?   

A: I am not the supervisor for any of the Board of Selectman as they are MY supervisors.  I cannot act upon what the Board of Selectman do or do not do.  While I do have a very strong opinion of it, I cannot comment.  If you need any commentary or direction on what is going to happen regarding that, you need to contact the Board of Selectman as the Town of New Gloucester citizens elected each of them and I am not a part of that process.

~ Debra Smith