Time To Button Up Your Home Using Low Cost Methods

Time to button up your home using low cost methods
During the month of October, the Environmental Resource Committee on New Gloucester has a display at the New Gloucester library on low cost ways to save money on your energy bills.

Information about rebates, energy audits for your home as well as a check list for evaluating your home are also available.

The librarian can loan you a device that will measure the energy output of your various electronic devices. This will help you evaluate the need to replace them with more efficient appliances as well as serve as a reminder to save electrical use in other ways.

Further information about energy efficient Maine is available at 1-866-376-2463

Those that submit their name in the drop box in front of the display will be eligible to win one of seven items.  The drawing will be at the end of October.

Environmental Resource Committee of New Gloucester

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