Third Time’s a Charm, Hopefully

| Peter Bragdon, Selectman |

This Tuesday you will have the ability to vote for a third time on the library budget.  A yes vote will staff the library at 36 hours a week for both the Librarian and Assistant Librarian.

Speaking on my own accord, I recommend a yes vote if you want the library to reopen.  If the vote fails for a third time around I personally don’t see another vote until next budget year.

I believe this is a fair proposal according to the budget crisis this town faces.  This vote will allow both positions to be full time with benefits.    The open hours of the library will be determined after the vote. 

The board of selectmen has worked with the library trustees and staff to rework the job descriptions.  If the budget passes the positions will be advertised shortly after.   

Please note the vote will take place at the COMMUNITY BUILDING behind the town office.  Hours open for voting are 10am-7pm.  If you have an absentee ballot, do not mail it at this point.  There is a drop box in front of the town office.  You can also vote in person up at the town office on Monday.

The town office will be closed on Tuesday to help with voting.

Whatever is your opinion, this is the time to make your voice heard!!

Please reach out anytime.

Peter R. Bragdon
207 740-7528

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