There’s a Frog in the Bog

| Tom Driscoll |

Paddling around the Shaker Bog in September is possible, but the water is quite shallow.

If you look closely, in this photo you will see a frog sunning itself on a water lily pad.

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Photo: Tom Driscoll

Many areas of the bog are carpeted with lily pads by the end of the summer season.

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Photo: Tom Driscoll

The dot-dash blue line is a trace of my September 12th canoe loop, about two miles. If you stand on the “floating” islands, it feels similar to standing on a waterbed.

Originally built by the Shakers in 1816 as a reservoir to power their mills, these days Shaker Bog is protected by the Royal River Conservation Trust (RRCT).

For more detail on the RRCT and Shaker Bog see http://rrct.org/preserves-trails/sabbathday-lake-shaker-village-2/

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Aerial view of Shaker Village and Shaker Bog | from Royal River Conservation Trust website