The Virus Diaries: Teen offers a ‘list of instructions for not giving up’

Sophie Robinson, 16, and her high school classmates are writing daily journal entries about life in the age of coronavirus.

| Steve Craig, Press Herald |

Press Herald editor’s note: The Virus Diaries is a series in which Mainers talk about how they are affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Gray-New Gloucester High junior Sophie Robinson, 16, and her classmates in Debra Tenenbaum’s 21st century English class have been assigned a daily 500-word journal entry about living in a world shut down by the pandemic.

Keeping a journal has helped Robinson work through her initial anger and frustration over missed opportunities, like having a leading role in the school’s spring production of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream” that will never happen. But that doesn’t mean living in a pandemic is easy, as Robinson writes in her quarantine journal.

“It’s been about a month since the world started to shut down,” she wrote. “The county that I live in has the highest amount of corona cases in Maine. Reporters are now saying that it could take up to six months maybe even two years to get back to a normal state.” Keep reading