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Suggestion Box: Tax assessment and administration

This is our second topic for the NGX Suggestion Box. Here’s a brief summary about tax assessment and administration, being considered by the Charter Commission, followed by a comment box for you to share your thoughts. Your comments will be passed along to the Charter Commission and may be posted (with your permission) on NGX.

The municipal Board of Assessors is responsible for determining the fair value of the real estate and personal property in the town, classifying property for tax purposes, and handling abatement requests, among other tasks. A board of assessors can be directly elected; if not, the selectmen serve as assessors. Currently, the New Gloucester Board of Selectmen serves as the town’s Board of Assessors and contracts an agent (John E. O’Donnell and Associates) to conduct property assessments and make recommendations on abatement requests. 

In New Gloucester the select board also serves as the assessment appeals board. In some towns, the select board/council doesn’t play either of these roles. Instead, the assessor has the authority to determine property values and tax rates (which may then be affirmed by the select board or town council).  A separate elected board of appeals or a board of assessment review appointed by the select board hears property owners’ appeals of their property assessment.

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