Sturgis Withdraws from MSAD 15 Board Race in Favor of Incumbent Gary Harriman

In a follow-up message to the community, New Gloucester selectman Laura Jane Sturgis has shared her plan to withdraw as a write-in candidate for school board in favor of Gary Harriman, a New Gloucester resident currently serving on the MSAD 15 board. Harriman will run in June as a write-in candidate. Sturgis’s full May 7 message follows.

“Since yesterday I have been in touch with Gary
Harriman who is the incumbent on the SAD15 school board. It seems that he
intended to run for re-election but didn’t get his paperwork in on time.
As I stated, I was running because no one else had stepped up. When I
learned that we had a very capable man who was willing to serve our towns
again it was a very easy decision to drop out of the race. I have observed
him at some meetings and there is not a doubt in my mind that Gary will
continue to look out for the best interest of the students in our towns. I
thank all of you who encouraged me to run and ask you to give Gary your
full support on election day. I will be happy to sit on the sidelines and
maybe get some of my quilting projects done. Good luck, Gary.

“Voters will need to be reminded that they have to fill in the bubble
beside the write-in for schoolboard so that the vote will be counted.