Government Spotlight

Selectman George Colby appears to resign during select board meeting

|Thomas Jordan|

Shortly after the public comment section of last night’s select board meeting on Monday, February 1, selectman George Colby delivered a prepared statement and appeared to resign. Mr. Colby concluded: “For the sake of my wife, and having time for myself and my family, I am done with everything concerning New Gloucester. Goodnight and goodbye.” He then left the meeting and did not return.

Mr. Colby did not explicitly state that he was resigning, and his resignation is currently being treated as unofficial.

The remaining members of the select board set the date for the recall election as Tuesday, March 30th while they seek to confirm Mr. Colby’s resignation. The board expects to be able to cancel the recall election once Mr. Colby’s resignation is official.

Eds note: NGX will be publishing a complete report on the Feb 1 select board meeting this week.