Government Spotlight

Select board candidates, municipal election

The two candidates for New Gloucester Select Board, Colleen Strickler and Peter Bragdon, responded to questions from the Candidates and Referendum Issues Committee, and members of the public at a forum on May 23. Dawn Buck of Auburn was moderator.

The two candidates are running for one three-year term on the board. You can watch the forum here. Candidate profiles are here.

Voters will also be choosing one MSAD15 School Board member and voting on the school budget. Gary Harriman is the sole candidate for school board. You can read his profile here. Residents of the Upper Gloucester Water District will vote for one trustee (write-in).

Election Day is June 13 at the New Gloucester Fire & Rescue Building, 611 Lewiston Road from 6 AM- 8 PM. You can vote via absentee ballot now, or at the polls.