Rescue near Morse Road railroad tracks Thursday morning

Town of New Gloucester, Maine
New Gloucester Fire Rescue

Press Release

Prepared by: Captain Hale Fitzgerald
Number of Alarms: Still Alarm
Incident Commander: Captain Hale Fitzgerald
Incident Number: 21-NG0020
Incident Date and Time: January 14, 2021, 0726

Incident Location: Morse Road @ Railroad Tracks

Number of NGFR personnel in response: 10
First NGFR unit on scene: NG A1

General Incident Description: At 0726, New Gloucester Fire Rescue was dispatched for a reported wilderness rescue in the area of Morse Road on the Railroad Tracks. The injured party was on a freight train that had passed through the area at approximately 0200 in the morning and the individual fell trying to get off of the train. The individual was not a railroad employee. The individual was able to call 911 and CCRCC was able to pinpoint the call location to an area approximately 3/10ths of a mile south of Morse Road. Due to access issues and potential for significant injuries, North Yarmouth was called mutual aid with their UTV and Life Flight was placed on standby.

New Gloucester Car 4 arrived next on scene and assumed command and a unified command was set up between the multiple agencies. A1’s crew found the injured party and was able to access the individual. The Maine Warden Service was able to get to the patient in their truck and provide transport out to the awaiting ambulance. Life Flight was ultimately not needed and the patient was transported to CMMC with non-life-threatening injuries.

Mutual Aid to the Scene: Gray Fire Rescue with an Ambulance and crew, North Yarmouth Fire Rescue with a UTV and crew, Maine Warden Service, CCSO, Railroad Police

Mutual Aid to the Station: None

Injuries: None to fire personnel or law enforcement. One to the individual involved with the incident as noted above.

PSA: Environmental injuries are a reality and hypothermia can set in quickly, especially in the winter months. If you are incapacitated and need rescue from a remote location, call 911 quickly and the appropriate resources will respond to you and help mitigate your emergency. The New Gloucester Fire Rescue Department trains for the emergencies along with different agencies to get individuals the care they need in a safe, quick, and efficient manner.

Hale Fitzgerald
New Gloucester Fire Rescue
611 Lewiston Road New Gloucester, ME 04260