Reduce Food Waste: There Is A Free APP For That!!!

Reduce Food Waste: There Is A Free APP For That !!!

Americans waste 133 BILLION pounds of food annually or 31 % of the total food supply. Besides driving up consumers’ food costs and missing an opportunity to feed the hungry, much of that wasted food winds up in landfills where it produces methane and contributes to green house gases. In New Gloucester, wasted food winds up in the trash compacter thus increasing the amount of tipping fees the town (and residents) pay for disposal.

To help consumers decide whether food is still safe to eat, the USDA, Cornell University and the Food Marketing Institute introduced an APP called FoodKeeper. The free APP offers storage advice about more than 400 foods and beverages items. It is easy to use.

It is available for the iPad and iPhone at the app store for Apple ( and for Android ( as well as on line (

Headings include:
Keep food safe
Recalls and Alerts
Food Poisoning
Report a Problem
Ask the Expert
There are numerous subtitles under these headings.

You can also sign up for updates to the site.

Environmental Resource Committee of New Gloucester

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