Public Hearings on Ordinance Changes and Day One Site Plan

The Planning Board will hold public hearings on two topics during their March 6 meeting at 7pm:

  1. Proposed Ordinance Changes
  • Community Living Arrangements: Changes to how the ordinance handles Community Living Arrangements to bring the town into compliance with state law.
  • Village Zone boundary change: A change in the boundaries of the Village zoning district located at the intersection of Intervale Rd and Cobbs Bridge/Gloucester Hill to rezone three properties off of Grange Hall Road from Rural Residential to Village.
  • Planned Development section: Addition of a “Planned Development” section to the ordinance which would allow the planning board some flexibility in certain circumstances if a project meets outlined higher standards.

2. Day One Site Plan Review

  • Application for a residential treatment facility in an existing structure at 934 Intervale Road.