Public access to Sabbathday Lake? A priority for the town? Your thoughts?

|Peter Bragdon|

I have heard over and over that there is no free public access to Sabbathday Lake.  There’s a beautiful lake and there is limited access.  The current options are pay a fee at Outlet Beach or if you know someone.  

Should the town purchase a lot along the lake for citizen access?  There are very few lots that come for sale and they normally go quickly for a significant amount. Many of those lots wouldn’t have met the town’s needs.

Well, there currently is a property that would work possibly. Recently it crossed my mind if the town should be investing in a property for sale at the corner or Sabbathday Rd and Pond Rd.  It has been on the market for some time and was just lowered to $211k.

This could be an opportunity for the town to have property that has fairly flat access to the lake. It’s grassy, has a beach, and is off the road. There is a mobile home on site that could be removed and the space used for parking?  Could we solve the access issue for about $250k which would include the parking, etc.?

There are additional pictures online.

I am curious, is there interest from the readers? Should the town pursue this? What are the pros and cons? 

* Disclaimer: I have no connections to the property or the owner. The idea just popped in my head.