Peter Bragdon announces bid for New Gloucester Selectmen on a promise of Trust, Transparency and Communication

Peter Bragdon announces bid for New Gloucester Selectmen on a promise of Trust, Transparency and Communication.

I am pleased to announce that I have taken out papers for Board of Selectmen for the Town of New Gloucester.    I must collect 25 signatures of valid voters to appear on the June Ballot.

I feel it is time to rebuild Trust, Transparency and Communication within the town government of New Gloucester.  It is apparent that there is a huge lack of trust and transparency and a major part of that is communication.    New Gloucester is a wonderful town and there are many great attributes to our community.   It is terrible to see a division between the leaders and the people.

I want to be clear I am not personally running against a single person but running FOR the people of New Gloucester.  I do not necessarily disagree with all the decisions of the leaders but I do not like the way we come to some of them, that’s for sure.  We have some very dedicated leaders and servants but it is also apparent that we need to make some changes in the way we do things.

An issue I also see is that the Board of Selectmen has become a partisan entity and that should not happen at a town level.  I am non-enrolled in a political party and I strongly believe that’s the way a board at a local level should operate.  There should be open honest communication and not personal retaliation at any level.

I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration and live on Fish Hatchery Rd with my wife, Jen, and 14 year old daughter, Makayla. I have an 18 year old son, Tyler, who is out of the home.  We also fill our house with two border collies and a cat!  We are employed out of the house and also run a small business here in town.

Community service is huge part of our family.  Personally I serve on Comprehensive Plan Update Committee, Budget Committee, Capital Improvement Committee, Ad-hoc Marijuana Committee and currently reviving the Community Fair serving as chair for this year’s return.  I also am active at East Auburn Baptist Church serving part of the leadership team for the Men’s Fellowship, Hospitality Committee and many other roles.    Our family is also active in the community through the Root Cellar in Lewiston and Angle Tree Gifts for families in prison.

There are many issues facing New Gloucester over the next years including but not limited to:
-Capital Expenditure Spending: how we replace vehicles/ equipment and manage paving in a true economic way
-Updating Our Buildings and Structures:  to include technology updates along with efficiency savings in fuel and electricity.
-Increasing communications from the town office and the board of selectmen on all levels
-Developing policy and direction for the Board of Selectmen with agenda development, requesting action items and public input
-Whether or not the town needs a charter.  What is local control and what is needed.
-Developing clearer and detailed Budget Process between the Selectmen, Budget Committee and Department Heads.
-Reviewing and Revising Personnel Policy, pay scales and position descriptions
-Continue to develop the Fire Rescue Department to proper staff and response levels
-Development of a proper economic development plan and implementation of Upper Village Plan.
-Resolve traffic issues thru out town that have been caused by on the Maine Turnpike.

It seems as if we have gotten away from being proactive and are reactive to our needs.  We have a lot on our plate and have some big tasks facing us that take huge commitment. We really have a lot facing this town and my list is just partial list of our needs.

I will be publishing articles over the next few months on these topics to offer my insight and how I believe I can help lead the town in these areas.  I look forward to meeting people over the next few months and hearing the concerns along with the good about the town. I look forward to hearing what you think we should be working on.  I look forward to hearing what direction you think we should be going in.

We have something good here!! Let’s work together to make it even better!

Feel free to reach out to me at:   prbragdon@gmail.com    207-740-7528

Peter Bragdon