Patti’s March 27 “Inside New Gloucester” Column

Canada Geese take a breather at the Pineland Pond during their migration north.
Photo By Patti Mikkelsen

Community Wellness Outreach Program

An endeavor aimed at identifying community members’ needs, providing support, and coordinating resources is developing in New Gloucester. The Community Wellness Outreach Program is being organized by Parks and Recreation Director Morgan Rocheleau.

Rocheleau says he hopes the program can serve as a means not only to help meet residents’ immediate practical needs, such as groceries or supplies, but also to foster connections and sociability.

Interested community members—whether seeking or volunteering support and resources—can enroll at the Community Wellness Outreach Program link at the parks and recreation website by scrolling down at

As the program evolves, it might serve as a hub for donations as well as volunteers, Rocheleau said. For example, the community building in the town hall complex could serve as a central drop-off location or the former public works building be used for storage. Plans will be dependent on emerging needs and ongoing developments.

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