Now you can get rid of all that paint that you no longer want or need and do
so environmentally.

Have any of you heard of a program called Paintcare?

Have any of you purchased paint within the last year? If so, you are helping pay for this program.

A fee is added to each can of paint you purchase: 35 cents for less than a gallon, 75 cents for a gallon.
This fee is NOT refundable but is used to support the program.

The purpose of the program is to conserve resources, reduce waste and to recycle as much paint as possible. To date, 8 states are participating in the program.

Paint is collected and sent to a facility that processes it so it can be reused.
Latex, acrylic, oil based paints, primers, stains, metal coating paints plus others are accepted.

Cans have to have labels on them and cans cannot be rusty and paint cannot be dried out. It does not matter how old or moldy or full of dirt they are.

All you have to do is take the paint to a drop off site. In this part of Maine at this time, a few sites are Sherwin William stores in Auburn and Lewiston, and Environmental Projects Inc. at 664 N. Washington St. Auburn. Check with the site for drop off times and hours or days as sometimes their bins are filled waiting for pick up of paint ready to be recycled.

To check what is accepted, go to this web site:

Environmental Resource Committee of New Gloucester