NG Fire Rescue call log for September

Fire Calls:
September 1: Fire Alarm Activation on Valley Farm Road at 8:48 PM
September 5: Fire Alarm Activation on Bennett Road at 10:54 AM
September 6: Gas Leak on Dr. Sweatt Point Road at 10:12 PM
September 8: Fire Alarm Activation on Pineland Drive at 10:19 AM
September 9: Mutual Aid to Pownal at 2:00 PM
September 11: Mutual Aid to Auburn at 6:07 PM
September 12: Fire Alarm Activation on Intervale Road at 1:02 PM
September 13: Unpermitted Burn on Quarry Road at 5:30 PM
September 15: CO Alarm Activation on North Pownal Road at 3:23 PM
September 16: Motor Vehicle Accident on Intervale Road at 11:51 AM
September 21: Motor Vehicle Accident on Lewiston Road at 12:26 PM
September 22: Good Intent Call* on Morse Road at 5:31 AM
September 25: Motor Vehicle Accident on Snow Hill Road at 9:12 PM
September 25: Good Intent Call* on Farm View Drive at 11:11 PM
September 29: Fire Alarm Activation on Mayall Road at 12:52 AM
September 30: Motor Vehicle Accident on Lewiston Road 5:12 PM

In addition, New Gloucester Fire Rescue responded to 37 medical emergencies and transported 22 patients to local hospitals.

Respectfully Submitted,
Hale Fitzgerald

* A “good intent call” indicates a call to express a concern that turns out not to be an emergency.