New Gloucester Republicans to Caucus

New Gloucester Republicans will caucus Saturday, March 5, at Greely Middle School, 351 Tuttle Road, Cumberland. There will be several towns caucusing at this location.

8:00 Doors Open

8:30   Registration for New Voters/Changes in Enrollment

9:30   Voter Registration Ends-Municipal Organizational Caucuses Begin- Presidential Voting Begins

10:30   Presidential Speeches

12:00   Other Speakers if present- Complete caucuses if they have unfinished business

12:30   Voting Ends

Ballots Counted

To register in the Republican Party, the requirements are as follows. Unenrolled voters can register the same day of any election. Democrats and Greens, or any other party, must be unenrolled for at least 15 days prior to an election before registering as a Republican. Contact George Colby at 577-5181 or for additional details.