MSAD 15 remote/in-person plan for Wednesday Jan. 19 and Thursday Jan. 20

To: MSAD 15 Community
From: Craig King, Superintendent
Date: January 18, 2022
Re: Remote/In-Person Status

As early as last spring, the MSAD 15 plan for School-Year 2021-22 was to have all students in-school, in-person, five-days a week. We are still committed to this. Unfortunately, personnel shortages and health absences over the last three weeks have made it difficult for us to make good on this promise. We want our children in school and we know they need to be in school. We do not move our schools to remote status unless we have no other option.

We continue to have large numbers of teachers, ed. techs., bus drivers and other employees absent for health reasons (COVID-19, flu, etc.). We have developed a plan for the next two days that we believe will cause the least disruption for students, staff, and families.

MSAD 15 Plan for Wednesday (1/19) and Thursday (1/20):
• Dunn, Memorial, and Russell will be in-person. We will have to re-route some buses. Bus drivers will contact parents if there is a change in pick-up/drop-off time.
• No Pre-K Weds.; there will be remote Pre-K Thursday.
• High School and Middle School will be remote.
• PATHS students who requested transportation will be picked up and dropped off on Thursday and Friday (No PATHS Weds.).
• High School and Middle School will have after school activities with close adherence to mitigation efforts. Families are responsible to provide transportation to school for these after school activities. If there is a scheduled out-of-town game or event, the school will provide transportation from school to the game/event.
• Remote school day meals can be picked up at the High School and Middle School 10:00-12:30.
• Wednesday will still be an early release day.
• We will send another School Messenger Thursday afternoon regarding school for Friday (1/21).
• Unfortunately, this plan is based on no significant increase in absences for the upcoming two days. If we do have an increase in absences, we may have to alter the plan. If we have to alter the plan (move to remote), we will notify families as soon as possible.

The pandemic has challenged everyone’s endurance. I apologize for any disruption we are inadvertently causing our families. We know families and the broader community have been generous in supporting MSAD 15 efforts throughout this crisis.