MSAD 15 Preliminary FY 20 Budget Document Posted Online

The MSAD 15 budget process has gained steam with the recent release of a preliminary budget for fiscal year 2019-20. The March 20 budget presentation, posted online, proposes a $1.1 million increase for the Gray-New Gloucester district, up some 3.98% over the current budget of $26.7 million. 

Increases in salaries, health insurance, and technology are among the principal factors cited as driving added costs.  The budget document also outlines possible staffing adjustments in response to changing needs and enrollments, and notes areas of anticipated savings, along with open questions as the budget review process continues and Augusta weighs in.

Work on the budget resumes at a budget workshop on Wed. March 27 at 6:30 pm at the high school, and continues through regular board business and subcommittee meetings. It culminates with a final budget recommendation slated to go to the full board on April 10 and straw poll on the revised budget on April 24.

Details on the budget, process, and timeline can be accessed here on the MSAD 15 website.  A list of school board members and contact information can be found here