Months past deadline, board appoints members to New Gloucester charter commission

Selectmen approved appointing brothers Steve and Don Libby and Selectboard member Linda Chase to the charter commission on a vote of 2-1, with one abstention. The six other members of the commission will be elected in June.

|Emily Bader, Lakes Region Weekly|

The New Gloucester Selectboard made its three appointments to the charter commission April 7,  six months after the deadline to do so.

Selectboard member Tammy Donovan nominated brothers Donald and Steven Libby and Selectboard member Linda Chase to serve on the committee. The motion passed 2-1, with Donovan and Chairperson Karen Gilles voting in favor, Peter Bragdon voting against and Chase abstaining.

Bragdon and residents John Salisbury, Scott Seaver and Dan Ellingson had also applied for seats on the charter commission.

The Selectboard held no discussion before the vote about any of the candidates. Keep reading