May Display at the Library about Invasive Plants and Alternates

Now that the planting season is finally here, if you want to know what to plant that is not invasive to Maine, visit the New Gloucester Library to
look at the display set up by the Environmental Resources Committee.  
Invasive plants are identified and alternates to use for these are in a

All garden nurseries in Maine are forbidden to sell invasive plants as of January 2017 and the list will be updated every 5 years. The web site to look at these is www.maine.gov/hort.
If you attend a plant sale, these invasive plants might be available.  Please do not buy them but look for an alternate.
You might also wish to check out the pollinators’ garden at the
Fairgrounds where all plants are non invasive.  The mailbox next to the
garden has a list of the plants that have been planted at the fairgrounds.

Joanne McKee for the Environmental  Resources Committee
May 3, 2019