Masks outdoors | MSAD 15

To: MSAD 15 Community
From: Craig King, Superintendent
Date: April 28, 2021
Re: Guidance Regarding Mask Wearing Outdoors

There have been numerous announcements from Maine and federal agencies regarding guidance for wearing face masks outside. I’d like to bring a little clarity on how the school district will proceed in response to these competing messages.

According to a notice from the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) published today, “The public health officials working with Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Maine Center for Disease Control (MeCDC) are presently reviewing all of our state’s guidance, documents, including health and safety guidance and the checklists of Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), whose checklist for community sports has informed guidance of the Maine Principals’ Association”.

The MDOE notice published today goes on to say, “It is our hope that a revised framework for safely operating schools and summer programs, incorporating the most up to date information, guidance, and requirements will be provided for school department review in the next two weeks. In the meantime, we will immediately share any additional changes to health and safety guidance…”.

When we receive the guidance referenced in the MDOE notice (estimated to arrive in two weeks), we will consider changes. For the time being, MSAD 15 will continue to follow the Maine Department of Education’s Return to School Framework which requires everyone to wear masks on school grounds (both indoors and outdoors). It is the expectation that everyone on an MSAD 15 campus will wear a mask (indoors or outdoors). I respectfully ask everyone to patiently wait a little longer for the MDOE and other state agencies to complete its review and provide school districts recommended revisions to the MDOE Framework.