Mask resolution a partisan issue that doesn’t belong on select board agenda

|Letter from John Salisbury|

Members of the Board of Selectmen-

It has been brought to my attention the following item on the Board of Selectmen May 3, 2021 agenda: a proposed Board “mask resolution” declaring unconstitutional the Legislature’s delegation of emergency powers to the Governor and declaring the Governor’s pandemic orders, rules, and guidelines, including any mask mandate, unconstitutional and unenforceable in New Gloucester.

The New Gloucester Board of Selectmen is supposed to be a non-partisan board.  This resolution reflects a clear partisan effort to embarrass the Governor and denigrate the efforts that have helped Maine control the covid epidemic.  Whether these matters are constitutional or not is a matter for the Maine Attorney General and our court system to determine, not the New Gloucester Board of Selectmen. 

I strongly oppose the adoption of the “mask resolution”.  The New Gloucester Board of Selectmen need to focus on the budget and upcoming town meeting issues and not on partisan issues that are state legislative and executive matters.

Your consideration of my views is greatly appreciated.

John Salisbury
417B Sabbathday Road

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