Lower Village walk

The first walking tour of the Lower Village Conservation Project will be held Wednesday August 28 at 5:30 pm. The walk will include parts of the 180 acres of land connecting the Lower Village to the Little League fields on Route 231.

Lower Village Trail, Gloucester Hill Road

The project is a joint effort of The Royal River Conservation Trust, GNG little League, and community members, with support from the Town of New Gloucester. Please take this opportunity to be part of the visioning and planning process for the long-term use of the land. The initial vision for this project includes preserving areas of historical significance and high value habitat, exploring the potential for trail development and recreation use, and expansion and improvements to the GNG Little League ball field facilities.  There will be a second walk on September 21 at 9 am. We hope you will join us for either of the walks. Feel free to bring a friend. We will meet at the Congregational church parking lot in the Lower Village. RSVP not required but for more information email carrie@RRCT.org