Learning about NG Food Pantry and GNG Backpack Program at free supper

Tonight’s free community supper hosted by the New Gloucester Food Pantry at the First Congregational Church of New Gloucester brought to the attention the mission to help those suffering with food insecurity. The problem is endemic to our region and state and our nation where elders, families, children go hungry. With the support of the food pantries and dedicated help of volunteers, a gift of time and belief helping those in need is strong.
The food pantry located at the church takes donations of essential items that include household items, food, to augment the food available through the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Auburn. A cadre of people donate their time to shop, collate boxes and keep in touch with those in need freely helping others get essential nourishment.
The Gray New Gloucester High School has a food pantry staffed by student volunteers. The Gray New Gloucester Backpack Kids program helps with snacks and food items provided anonymously to students in need of all ages.
Get aboard and make a donation to the food pantry. Make it a regular part of giving to help others in need.
Items needed now include tea, coffee, peanut butter, jam and granola bars.
But, don’t forget toilet paper, soup, soap, shampoo, tooth paste, and related items.

Ellie Fellers