June 8: A Golden Opportunity to change our Leadership and instill a new mindset into Town Governance

| Letter to the editor from Patricia Vampatella |

There is no doubt in my mind that it is time for a change in town leadership.  In recent months we have witnessed the loss of valuable, well respected and beloved town employees, closure of the library which was totally avoidable, a three time messed up Charter Commission appointment, and consideration of an unnecessary Mask Mandate, to mention just a few. These actions have resulted in distrust of the current leadership, and more importantly a sense that the wishes of the citizens are being ignored.

We need Select Board members who value honesty, are open to suggestions, will respect and be supportive of town employees, and will pledge to follow the current State of Maine rules.

I have done my homework by attending all of the Candidate Forums and have personally talked to several of the candidates.  I firmly believe that Stephen Hathorne and Paul Larrivee should be elected to the two Three-Year Select Board positions, and that Dustin Ward (who I have had several conversations with) should be elected to the One-Year position to fill the vacancy left by George Colby.

Additionally, we need Charter Commission members who not only voted to form the Commission, but have already pledged to work with citizens to draft a document that will lead to better town governance.

I believe that Bragdon, Farrell, Hathorne, Hilton, Salisbury, and Tettlebaum will lead us in the right direction.

I urge everyone to vote for change on June 8th.  I know that I won’t miss this Golden Opportunity!!

Patricia A. Vampatella
107 Intervale Road

Eds. note: The candidate forums mentioned in the letter are available for online viewing: the select board candidate forum is at this link and the charter commission candidate forum at this link.

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