In support of Dustin Ward for select board

|Letter to the Editor from Terry DeWan|

Over the past several months I’ve come to know Dustin Ward and appreciate the opportunity that New Gloucester has to fill a one-year vacancy on the Select board with a remarkable individual.

As a minister, Dustin knows about the responsibilities of stewardship.  Select board members are entrusted by the community to manage finances, to look out for the needs of all, and participate in a process that must balance often competing interests and demands. 

We expect our Select  board to be open minded, informed, and fair. Dustin is committed to transparency in making decisions that will affect the community.  It was gratifying to hear him describe how he reached out to residents, the Little League, Royal River Conservation Trust, and others to become informed about our current discussion regarding the Intervale.  Dustin is a great believer in creative listening, a skill that will prove most useful when sitting on the Select board.

As a member (and chair) of the Comprehensive Plan Update Committee, I was impressed to hear Dustin talk about the five pillars that the Comp Plan identified that are core to New Gloucester’s identity as a town, and to hear his ideas for implementing the Plan as a Select board member.  I am certain that Dustin will be an advocate for the Plan, with its emphasis on accepting all members of the community, welcoming newcomers, and providing a framework to ensure that all are heard and all have an equal chance to succeed.

This is a momentous time for New Gloucester: electing three new members of the Select board…selecting six individuals to serve on a year-long town charter commission… welcoming a new Town Manager.  If ever there was a desire to change, to look forWard, this is it.  Show your support.  June 8!

Thank you!
Terry DeWan
70 Dougherty Road, New Gloucester

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