“In, On, and Around Sabbathday Lake” with Tom Driscoll – Nov. 21 at 7 pm

Photo courtesy of Tom Driscoll

“In, On, and Around Sabbathday Lake” is the title of the November 21, 2019 program of the New Gloucester Historical Society to be presented by local explorer Tom Driscoll at the New Gloucester Meetinghouse, 389 Intervale Rd. beginning at 7 pm.

Tom Driscoll has been in, on, and around Sabbathday Lake seasonally or year-round since 1955.  He has studied the lake and surrounding watershed since childhood — from the underlying bedrock geology, up through the aquifer, surficial glacial geology, soil layers, and forest cover, to the lake’s land use history and current use and development. 

Only 16,000 years ago, Driscoll notes, Maine and New England were covered by a huge glacier which extended all the way offshore to the coastal shelf!  At that time the ice over “Sabbathday Lake” and all of Maine was about one mile thick.  About 12,500 years ago, the glacier receded northwest and the area around Sabbathday Lake was free of ice.

Driscoll’s talk will include the glacial history of the lake as well as a few of the unusual items he has found in the lake and some notable nearby places.

The event is free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served. 

Photo courtesy of Tom Driscoll