In my opinion: The Rainbow Paradox

|Mikaela Nadeau|

There’s something I like to call the Rainbow Paradox in regards to disagreements in the social realm of interactions. A rainbow is something that is actually a full circle, although it’s rare to see this phenomenon. It does occur each time a rainbow is seen. Only those who are in the correct position at a given moment can actually see this full circle occurrence, whereas the majority can only see the partial rainbow from their perspective. 

In a society like what we experience day in and day out, there seems to be a lot of people that live in the realm of “if I don’t see it or believe it, it doesn’t exist and isn’t worthy” mentality. This type of existence is what really limits our abilities as a society to come together to work on things that are a community issue. In this analogy the rainbow is the issue, and it’s only through our abilities that we can achieve the moment of seeing the full idea for what it is. I think the most degrading aspect of the way we handle all issues, in regard to social constructs and political constructs, is that we all believe we’re standing within the special spot of witnessing the full circle. Yet until we actually take a step back, analyze all portions of the issue with a clear view, then we’re all getting only half of the problem understood. 

This isn’t to say that one idea is better than another, however it does take into account that sometimes there are ways that both sides can pull together to achieve a more perfect harmony in regards to so many of the issues we face today. The question is how many of us are willing to take a stance to humbly acknowledge that yes, both sides have key points that deserve to be listened to. 

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