Historical Society Workshop on Thursday Feb. 15

The next monthly meeting of New Gloucester Historical Society will be a workshop for all interested members and friends in researching your New Gloucester neighborhood and house. The research will be used in a major new exhibit opening in May 2018. The meeting will be held on February 15th, 7 PM at the New Gloucester Meetinghouse, 389 Intervale Rd. (next to the Town Hall). Refreshments will be served.
By way of background, the historical society has shared a copy of a paper written in 1935 by Eleanor Clark Curit (see attached).  Eleanor’s paper won an essay contest at the New Gloucester High School. Eleanor lived with her parents, Clifton Clark and Mary E.W. (Chadsey) Clark, and her sister Ruth in the Intervale (the Carroll Ayer Farm, now Conifer Industries).  She gathered her information by interviewing elderly people living on the Penny Road, the Morse Road, and the surrounding area.
This paper was rediscovered by Lenny Brooks and passed on to Jean Libby who, along with others, researched current street addresses and added over 100 footnotes to the paper. The historical society would like to use this paper as the basis or “map”, for their new exhibit. Come to the workshop on Thursday and find out more about this research and the areas of focus and areas in town that may be used for the exhibit. Those with historic homes and those interested in historic districts/homes in town are welcome.