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Help for seniors seeking vaccinations

Do you or does someone you know need help registering for their Covid vaccination, arranging transportation to a vaccination site, or if physically unable to leave the home, securing a vaccination at home – or simply want current, reliable information? 

The Southern Maine Agency on Aging can help.  With its phone helpline, SMAA is especially valuable for seniors without access to a computer or who are not comfortable navigating online.

The SMAA Covid Helpline number is 207 396-6500 OPTION 1.  Some details from SMAA:   

  • SMAA has a dedicated voicemail message line for older adults who are calling for vaccine information and assistance.  Please call (207) 396-6500 and choose OPTION 1.  This will connect you to the Vaccine information line.  Please leave your name, your date of birth, the town you live in and your telephone number and brief message about what you need help with.  A SMAA volunteer will call you back to as soon as possible to assist you.  PLEASE NOTE:  As of this posting (Feb. 11, 2021) you must be 70 years old or older to schedule an appointment and receive the vaccine.
  • SMAA volunteers will respond to callers with up-to-date current vaccine information or will help schedule appointments if you are unable to do so on your own.  They can also provide transportation option information if you need assistance traveling to a vaccine appointment.
  • SMAA is working in collaboration with Northern Light Home Care and Hospice to help track and schedule appointments in the more rural areas of Cumberland and York counties.  At this time, SMAA volunteers are helping to schedule appointments in the Cornish and Limerick areas.  More sites will be open as vaccine becomes available.  
  • If you are physically unable to leave your home, please call SMAA’s Vaccine helpline at (207) 396-6500 and press OPTION 1.  Leave your name, address, phone number, date of birth and a brief message indicating that you are unable to leave your home for a vaccine.  We are collecting this information and hope to arrange a home visit for a vaccine when it is possible to do so. 

Find more information at the SMAA website: 

The Southern Maine Agency on Aging is partnering with Maine CDC, Department of Health and Human Services, and other agencies in this effort to support older Mainers.

— Thank you to NG resident Beth Blakeman-Pohl for sharing this resource with NGX.