George Colby’s recall and our power

| Letter to the editor from Yvette Knight |

Dear Citizens of New Gloucester,

There are two phrases that are the hardest for most of us to say. They are “I’m sorry,” and “I forgive you.” All the extensive rhetoric submitted regarding the recall of Selectman George Colby lacked the understanding that these two phrases convey with a few simple words. I was encouraged by reading a more compassionate view with some plausible explanations and the appeal to “our better angels” from Peter Brown of Gray. His eloquent words made me think I didn’t need to write, but, as a New Gloucester resident, I hope to echo his sentiments so we can think of this with our hearts too.

Instead of instant condemnation and the resulting defensive accusations (so prevalent in our present culture), simple human love and understanding might have promoted useful, civil dialogue rather than the language that resulted. Also, the focus was on Mr. Colby’s last four words and not the one that proceeded it – “everyone.” That can change the whole meaning of what he said, but, not knowing him personally, I can’t assume what he was thinking at the time, so, I have to wonder if this is really worthy of a recall. Forgiveness is within our power to grant.

Yvette Knight

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