George Colby is not a racist

|Letter to the editor from Clifton Foster, Gray|

Dear Residents of New Gloucester,

I have known George Colby for some time, long enough to know that he is not a racist, but more than that, the term “racist” has been so loosely used in recent years that it has become a word more often used in the context of disagreement, particularly politically.

Mr. Colby, your former selectman, whose statement “like us white folks” can be taken as a humorous quip, not racist. As a matter of fact, George’s accuser could be called a racist under terms that it is now used, but more importantly, the US Constitution guarantees that George and his accuser both enjoy that protection. That statement does not rise to the point of recalling Mr. Colby, or any other select person or council member in other towns or cities. Otherwise, it would stifle people from running for those offices.

Clifton E. Foster, Forester and Former House Representative for Gray & New Gloucester

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