Fishermen’s Net Anniversary Specials

    We are very excited to be starting our year 10! We love this store and we love you! Lets Celebrate!!    
Here are ALL the Specials going on at the “Net” this weekend. These are “While supplies last” so PLEASE call and reserve if you want to take advantage of any of them- don’t want you to miss out!!
TUNA STEAKS (8oz)   usually 9.99each   NOW $5 each       (save 4.99)
COCKTAIL SHRIMP    usually 12.99 lb     NOW  $9 lb         (save 3.99)
JUMBO SHRIMP         usually 15.99lb        NOW $11.99 lb     (save 4.00)
STUFFED CLAMS      usually 1.99 each          NOW .99 each      (save 1.00)
LOBSTER ROLLS       usually 14.00 each     NOW (2) FOR $20  (save 8.00)
FRIED HADDOCK     usually $8                 NOW $5             (save 3.00)
FRIED OYSTERS       usually $16               NOW $10           (save 6.00)
FRESH HADDOCK    usually 5.99lb           NOW  4.99 lb        (save 1.00)
                                                           (when you buy 3lbs or more) 
       OR   4.OO lb when you buy 3lbs or more
       OR   3.75 lb  when you buy 5lbs or more
       Or   3.25 lb  when you buy 10lbs or more
Fresh Swordfish- 12.99lb
Monkfish-10.99 lb
Organic Salmon- 11.99 lb
Scallops 20.50 lb
Fresh Crabmeat 11.99 8oz
Mussels 3.29 lb
See you soon!!! 
Steph and Pam

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