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Fire on Bennett Road

Photo: New Gloucester Fire Rescue Facebook page

Town of New Gloucester, Maine
New Gloucester Fire Rescue

Press Release

Prepared by: Captain Hale Fitzgerald
Number of Alarms: Working Fire
Incident Commander: Lieutenant Eric Beaulieu
Incident Number: 21-NG0154
Incident Date and Time: April 11, 2021 at 1225hrs

Incident Location: 243 Bennett Road

Number of NGFR Engines in response: 1
Number of NGFR Tankers in response: 1
Other NGFR apparatus in response: None
Number of NGFR personnel in response: 10
First NGFR unit on scene: Engine 3

General Incident Description: At 1225, New Gloucester Fire Rescue was dispatched to a reported brush fire extending to a structure at the listed address. While responding, Engine 3 noted a column of smoke coming from the behind the main structure. Upon arriving on scene the home owner waved us down a long driveway to a fully involved 12×16 shed, with an additional 40×60 area of grass and brush.

Engine 3 stretched two 1-3/4” attack lines to knock down the fully involved shed fire, and to slow the extension of the grass fire. Second arriving crews from New Gloucester, Gray, and North Yarmouth manned the 2nd attack line and worked with hand tools to overhaul the brush fire. The fire was under control at 1244, and a loss stop was declared at 1303. All units were clear of the scene at 1338. No further damage was done to any other structures on the property.

Mutual Aid to the Scene: Gray Truck 44, North Yarmouth Engine 52, and North Yarmouth Tank 53

Mutual Aid to the Station: None

Water Supply: Tank Water, approximately 1200 gallons used.

Smoke Detectors Present? N/A
Smoke Detectors Working?
Sprinkler System Present?
Sprinkler System Function?

Injuries: None

Factors: Unpermitted outdoor burning and burning too close to combustible materials.

Cause: Unpermitted burning.

PSA: When open burning, a permit is needed for everything besides a cooking fire. Permits can be obtained on, or in person at the Fire Station. Always check the fire danger. Even on days where the danger is high, such as today, brush fires can start. Permits are only good for the day issued. Always have a water source, hand tools, and at least two adults in your party. Also make sure the area around the open burn is free from combustible material. For more information on open burning, please reach out to the Fire Department or the Maine Forest Service.

Hale Fitzgerald
New Gloucester Fire Rescue
611 Lewiston Road

Photo: New Gloucester Fire Rescue Facebook page