Find the Royal Treasures

Various artists installed small sculptures at the New Gloucester Intervale Preserve, to pilot the Royal River Conservation Trust’s “Royal Treasures/Royal Treasure Maps” project. The Royal Treasure Map allows kids of all ages to find unique pieces of sculpture installed in special places within the preserve. Each sculpture helps interpret the ecology, history, and natural dynamics of the preserve.

When you arrive at the preserve (GPS address is 557 Intervale Road, New Gloucester – near a railroad crossing), go to the kiosk and take the maps and crayons out of boxes. Just in case the box is empty, bring your own crayons and print-out 8.5 x 11 versions of the treasure maps at

Find a treasure using the map and the narrative clues on the map. Next, use a crayon to make a rubbing of the treasure on the blank square on the map, beside the clue that matches the treasure.

‘Royal Treasures’ is a great way to explore the 35-acre Intervale Preserve, which provides a short gentle trail and public access to the Royal River. Ample parking is available on the wide grassy shoulder of the road.

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