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February Call Log for NG Fire Rescue

Call Log for February 2021 for the New Gloucester Fire Rescue Department

Fire Calls:

  • 2/1-Reported Structure Fire on Flintlock Lane
  • 2/2-CO Alarm on Homestead Road
  • 2/3-Mutual Aid to Gray for a gas leak
  • 2/3-MVA on Lewiston Road
  • 2/4-MVA on Lewiston Road
  • 2/6-Wilderness Rescue on Intervale Road
  • 2/9-Mutual Aid to Durham for an MVA
  • 2/10-MVA on I-95
  • 2/10-Chimney Fire on Church Road
  • 2/12-Wire Down on Intervale Road
  • 2/12-MVA on Shaker Road
  • 2/13-Mutual Aid to North Yarmouth for a structure fire
  • 2/13-Mutual Aid to Pownal for a structure fire
  • 2/14-MVA on Bald Hill Road
  • 2/14-RV Fire on Weymouth Road
  • 2/19-MVA on Lewiston Road
  • 2/27-MVA on Lewiston Road

Medical Emergencies:

  • In addition, New Gloucester Fire Rescue responded to 29 medical emergencies in the month of February.

Respectfully Submitted,
Hale Fitzgerald