EMS Week 2021

|Press release from New Gloucester Fire & Rescue|

The 46th annual National EMS Week starts today, May 16th, and runs until Saturday May 22nd. EMS Week was started in 1974 with President Gerald Ford as a well to celebrate the important work that EMS providers do in their communities.

New Gloucester Fire Rescue has a roster of seven EMTs, six Advanced EMTs, and seven Paramedics. Our service is licensed to the EMT level and permitted to operate to the Paramedic level. New Gloucester Fire Rescue provides the community with cross-trained EMS providers/firefighters 24/7/365. The majority of the time, the department is staffed with a Paramedic with an AEMT or EMT partner. Sometimes, due to staffing shortages, the highest license level working is an AEMT.

In 2020, the Department responded to 307 EMS calls and 72 motor vehicle accidents. When EMS interventions were performed, 64% of calls required some sort of ALS, or advanced live support, interventions. This could include venous access, cardiac monitoring, advanced airway management, or a number of other skills our ALS providers are trained in.

Over the week, check out the New Gloucester Fire Rescue Facebook page for highlights of our providers, our apparatus, our equipment, and the work we do as part of EMS Week. While there is no EMS open house this year due to COVID restrictions, we are hoping to invite the public in to see us in 2022.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Captain/Paramedic Hale Fitzgerald