Early-season fishing open on Chandler Mill Pond

| Joanne Cole, NGX |

Local anglers are taking advantage of the state’s suspension of fishing license requirements and early opening of inland waters. Last week Governor Janet Mills and Inland Fisheries & Wildlife commissioner Judy Camuso moved up opening day and announced that residents can fish for free through April, a way for Mainers “to recharge” during this challenging time.

Social distancing rules, reminders to Leave No Trace, bag limits, and other restrictions still apply. With the early start, the state is urging extra caution about thin ice, frigid water, and hypothermia. Details and links here.

Roland Laliberty casting on Chandler MIll Pond

Roland Laliberty was one of several area anglers trying their luck at Chandler Mill Pond on a chilly late March afternoon. A resident of New Gloucester for four years, Laliberty said that the pond is one of his favorite places in town. Laliberty likes to head across the pond by canoe in warmer seasons and has caught bass and trout. Where, exactly? He’s not saying.

Ice on the pond and patches of snow on the shore of Chandler Mill Pond
Photos: Joanne Cole