Don’t dump it, donate it!

|Joanne McKee, Environmental Resources Committee|
Places to recycle items instead of putting them in the hopper or taking them to the transfer station:
• New Gloucester Library: Books,CDs, Games, shopping bags. 926-4840
•   207-699-5565.   Companies and offices, donate good that teachers and the public can use. Also accept donations from the public. (paper, markers, you name it)
•  Habitat for Humanity ReStore located in Topsham  Can donate furniture, building supplies, other items.  Will pick up and also give a receipt.  Public can also buy items.
•  For an annual fee of $50 or donation of your time, you can sign out 8 items / week. Tools, kitchen items, auto repair items, etc.  Inventory on line. Can also donate items.
•  Can donate all types of sports gear including bikes. Bike maintenance taught. Items can also be purchased.

•  Bring in your old mercury thermostats for safe disposal and you will receive a $5.00 store rebate incentive form at other participating locations.
Greater Androscoggin Humane Society   Donate animal supplies you no longer need plus old towels.  
•  recycle paint no longer needed.  Site lists drop off sites and what can be recycled.  Program is paid for by fee paid by customer on each purchase of paints.
• Available in several areas.  Post items that you wish to donate or put items you may want on a wish list.  See site for more information.
Other items to donate:  eyeglasses, hearing aides cell phones and their equipment 
•  Contains links for various equipment that can be recycled in your area.  Also has information on how much has been recycled for some products.
NG Environmental Resource Comm. 12/2019

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