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Details on ambulance accident from NGFR

|Press Release, NGFR|

Prepared by: Captain Hale Fitzgerald
Number of Alarms: Still Alarm
Incident Commander: Captain Hale Fitzgerald
Incident Number: 21-NG0062
Incident Date and Time: February 3, 2021 at 1933hrs

Incident Location: 132 Lewiston Road

Number of NGFR personnel in response: 4
First NGFR unit on scene: Car 4/Car 3

General Incident Description: At 1931hrs while transporting a patient from a medical call to Maine Medical Center, New Gloucester A1 pulled to the side of the road to check on the patient’s condition. When the ambulance pulled to the side of the road, it slid on a slick spot of snow/ice and went off the road near 132 Lewiston Road. The ambulance was not traveling with lights and sirens. The EMS provider driving the ambulance was belted properly. The patient on the stretcher was secured properly and in accordance with Maine EMS protocols. The EMS provider in the back of the ambulance was not restrained as he was attending to the patient’s needs at the time of the accident.

After the ambulance went into the ditch, the EMS provider driving the ambulance called CCRCC and asked for Gray to respond mutual aid. They responded with E41 and A49 and transported the patient that New Gloucester was transporting. Two more ambulances responded to evaluate the EMS providers, transporting one of them to the hospital. New Gloucester A1 was removed from the side of the road by Copp Motors and driven back to the fire station. It will be evaluated by a mechanic before being placed back in service.

Mutual Aid to the Scene: Gray A48, Gray A49, Poland Squad 1, Gray Engine 41, Gray Car 1

Mutual Aid to the Station: None

Injuries: No new injuries were reported to the patient who was being transported by the ambulance. One EMS provider was transported as a precaution, evaluated, and released. One EMS provider was evaluated and released on scene.

Factors: Recent snowfall and slippery shoulders of the road

Cause: Accidental

PSA: If you are driving by emergency vehicles working on the side of the road, please continue driving at the safe flow of traffic as directed by traffic control personnel.

Hale Fitzgerald
New Gloucester Fire Rescue
611 Lewiston Road New Gloucester, ME 04260