Democrats cancel gathering due to threat, will reschedule

Yesterday, April 27, the New Gloucester Democratic Committee had planned to hold an evening potluck gathering at a private location.  That morning, an individual posted threatening comments on a community-wide Facebook page where the event had been shared.  These comments included “Took that day off to clean my guns yesterday,”  “You guys owe me gas money,” and “I’m coming to collect.”

An internet search showed that this individual had previously been arrested and charged with felony criminal threatening with a deadly weapon and terrorizing, and had posted other disturbing images and statements on Facebook. After consulting the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, who confirmed the prior arrest and said the individual pled guilty to a lesser offense, the Committee decided to cancel the event. We did not wish to risk putting anyone in harm’s way. 

The Committee considers the views espoused to be hateful and un-American, and we wish to express our thanks for all of the expressions of concern and solidarity that we have received in response. We appreciate the support from the New Gloucester Republican Committee in their post on Facebook: “This is truly a disgrace to OUR town! There is no room for violence and threatening-PERIOD. This is disheartening to see and hope they find those responsible.”

We will reschedule and announce a new date in the coming days. We will not be intimidated into sacrificing our rights to free speech and assembly. 

New Gloucester is better than this.

—  Penny Hilton, Chair, New Gloucester Democratic Committee